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  • Bat houses
  • Ladybug houses
  • Butterfly houses
  • Squirrel feeders

Here is where you'll find our available products for sale so you know exactly what you're getting.

At A Birds Dream, LLC, we hand select our materials that make each design we build unique. Although the products we sell are similar in their construction, you will see here every design has it's own unique appeal, character, and charm for your yard and garden!

Here is our gallery of available products for purchase from A Birds Dream, LLC.

More products are being released in the near future so you'll want to check back. Spring's not too far off and your yard is going to be a delight for your birds and other critters

The gallery below is a collection of all the products made by A Birds Dream, LLC. The products in this gallery may not currently be available for sale at this time, however, please check back often as the site administrator will update available products for sale frequently. If there is something you see that is not available please use the contact page to request more information and possibly have one made specially for you. We thank you for your business, A Birds Dream, LLC.

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